National Cartoonists Tour: Washington DC, Kuwait, Iraq


October 12, 2010  



Back on a C-130 headed to our next Iraq destination - BASRA! Dave & Rob seem thrilled to be getting "Waffle Butt" again.



Once we landed, we boarded a bus to go to our first stop to draw some pictures. I think Bill is describing to Jeff the best way to surrender in case of capture. I didn't realize he was French.



No caption necessary.



Our first stop where we would be sketching for the troops was this hospital. The entire complex had padded walls - Obviously they knew a group of cartoonists were coming.



Staking out our drawing territory before the rush.



They split us into two groups of five. The other cartoonists were off in a different part of the camp. It made it a lot easier to talk smack behind their backs.




A couple of hopefully satisfied customers. (B.T.W. Ignore the bogus date stamp in the corner of this picture - This was from Jeff's camera. He's the oldest one in our bunch, so technology eludes him.)



Once we were done for the evening, we headed back to our sleeping facilities for the night. This time we were all in one big room together with bunk beds. It was like having a slumber party when you were 12 years old - but with a lot more snoring and a lot more trips to the bathroom.



Right outside our room was a bunker in case of mortar attacks. Here's Dave, Ray and myself sitting on top of it and serving as an excellent example for the improper use of a bomb shelter.