Dear Editor,


Tundra is an outdoors & nature-themed strip that has been enjoying great popularity and is often called ‘the new Far Side’ by other editors.  In our first ten years of self-syndication, we have added over 600 new newspapers making Tundra one of the fastest growing comic strips on the market today.  These include the Los Angeles Times, the Vancouver Sun, the Denver Post, the St. Petersburg Times, the Seattle Times, the Pittsburgh Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Raleigh News & Observer just to name a few. Editors tell us all the time that Tundra is the first consistently funny strip they have seen in years.


We were also picked up by King Features Syndicate who is handling papers outside of North America. We continue to handle the United States and Canada on our own.


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The strips are also available through Reed-Brennan and CanWest Editorial (daily strips) and American Color and Western Color Print (Sunday strips) for those of you who use pagination companies.


Please feel free to use some of the strips for free for any trial, poll, survey or guest comic spot to get your readers’ reaction.  We generally charge the same rate that you pay for other new strips.


 Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions or need additional information.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Bill Kello­gg


Bill Kellogg

Marketing Director

Tundra Comics


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