I really love the strip – I’ve probably looked at a hundred comic strips today and this is the first one that made me laugh out loud.

            - Ken Paulman,  Features Editor  The Spokesman-Review



I honestly think you have just about the only laugh-out-loud strip out there. (And other editors have told me that as well.)

            -Chris Barron, Features Editor   The Kitsap Sun



Tundra is the funniest thing I have seen since the Far Side. It is one in a thousand.

            Kevin Weedmark, Publisher  The World Spectator



He should be in 1,000 newspapers, he’s so talented.

            Mike Peters, creator of Mother Goose & Grimm



I love it! I get a lot of comics and I usually don’t pay much attention to them because they aren’t that good.

            John Barlow, Editor   Okotoks Western Wheel



I wasn’t expecting much when you came in, but I am very impressed.

            Martin Hudson, Assistant managing editor   Calgary Sun



I like it. It’s a great strip.

            Mike Richison, Editor   Bigfork Eagle


I don't laugh at comics. Honest to God I don't, but this is really funny!

             Jeff Nelson, Managing Editor   The Courier Lincoln, Il




As we redesigned the paper this year, Tundra was the top comic strip choice.

            Kristan Hutchison, Editor   Whalesong Advisor



Very nice. Bust a gut funny!

            Greg Wiseman, Editor   The Melfort Journal



I laughed my ass off.

            Bruce Schwanke, Publisher   Melita New Era



Wanted to tell you that my family has been reading the Tundra comic book you left and they are absolutely loving it.

            Tracy Gilchrist, Managing Editor   Trail Daily Times



BTW, Tundra was far and away the favorite of our paper. People, including the publisher, keep coming to my desk and borrowing the book you left. Then they laugh uproariously at it for a bit before returning it.

            Matthew Flitton, Managing Editor   Standard Journal