ZACK the TUNDRA Flunky!

In Chad’s early and desperate years of cartooning, while selling his TUNDRA merchandise at a state fair, he was approached by a young couple who were toting along a 10 year old son, dripping with melted ice cream, sticky cotton candy fingers, and a powdered-sugar face.  After leaving the hygienically challenged child at Chad’s booth on numerous occasions, they eventually traded him for a book and two t-shirts with promises of hard work and clipped nails.

Young Zack at the age of 10

(What appears to be a goatee is actually dirty cotton candy)


That was the last and only time Chad made the mistake of accepting anything for merchandise without a disclaimer.  For the next several years, Zack was raised within the confines of the Tundra booth: until he was too big to hide and was not sustainable on hot dog scraps and ketchup packets.

Eventually, Zack decided to go on a walkabout of his own and left the security of Chad’s wings and the safe cocoon that was Tundra. Zack found himself roaming the deserts and searching his soul for his inner funny.  Zack remembered that Chad once told him “There is cruelty in all humor", and being motivated by the wise one's teachings, he began committing random acts of pain to others in the hope of finding laughs; such as pushing a mime on an invisible unicycle down an escalator (the escalator, however, was NOT invisible).


Zack's mug-shot


After spending a “nickel” in the joint, Zack eventually returned to Chad’s reluctant arms and the familiar and welcoming smells of Tundra books (lead paint and the sweat of child labor) that once put him to sleep at a young age.


Having no professional marketing skills, yet sharply honed penitentiary coercion, Zack was the ideal candidate for selling Tundra merchandise to the masses.

A reformed Zack is now a contributing member of society...sort of.


While he has yet to learn to read, write, or spell correctly, he is incredibly efficient at counting money; although after years of coming up short Chad has learned to count it twice.


Selling TUNDRA - The Flunky Method

So, look for Zack "The Tundra Flunky" wherever fine TUNDRA merchandise is sold! Just remember, don't look him straight in the eye.